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Yet another authoritative DNS name server. But with goat references.


  • DNS over HTTPS (RFC8484) on /dns-query
  • Web API/UI for management
    • OIDC Authentication to the Web UI
    • Token auth for API endpoints


Look at zones.json and goatns.example.json for examples.

The configuration file's fields are best found here: https://goatns.dotgoat.net/rustdoc/goatns/config/struct.ConfigFile.html. Note that the ip_allow_list field is a nested map.

Running in Docker

There's a docker container at ghcr.io/yaleman/goatns:latest and a docker-compose.yml file in the repository if that's your thing.


Found a bug, want to change something, the sky is falling? Create an issue!.

Wondering how something works, need a chat, or are curious there's so many goat references? Discussions are great for that.

Built in Rust

Thanks to some great packages:

Rust Crate Documentation

Auto-generated and available here: https://yaleman.github.io/goatns/rustdoc/goatns


Rust tests are run using cargo.

cargo test

A handy load testing tool is dnsblast. This'll run 50,000 "valid" queries, 1500 packets per second, to port 15353:

./dnsblast 50000 1500 15353

Or if you want to fuzz the server and test that it doesn't blow up:

./dnsblast fuzz 50000 1500 15353

Supported request/record types

This list is now in the book.

Additional thanks