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Yet another authoritative DNS name server. But with goat references.

Built in Rust, thanks to some great packages


Look at zones.json and goatns.example.json for examples.

The configuration file's fields are best found here: https://goatns.dotgoat.net/rustdoc/goatns/config/struct.ConfigFile.html. Note that the ip_allow_list field is a nested map.

Running in Docker

There's a docker container at ghcr.io/yaleman/goatns:latest and a docker-compose.yml file in the repository if that's your thing.


Found a bug, want to change something, the sky is falling? Create an issue!.

Wondering how something works, need a chat, or are curious there's so many goat references? Discussions are great for that.

Rust Crate Documentation

Auto-generated and available here: https://yaleman.github.io/goatns/rustdoc/goatns


Rust tests are run using cargo.

cargo test

A handy load testing tool is dnsblast. This'll run 50,000 "valid" queries, 1500 packets per second, to port 15353:

./dnsblast 50000 1500 15353

Or if you want to fuzz the server and test that it doesn't blow up:

./dnsblast fuzz 50000 1500 15353

Supported request/record types

This list is now in the book.

With thanks to